Personal grooming tips for attending a job interview

Roslina Ahmed Tajuddin

People who take buses to the interview should use perfume to cover the smell of sweat. If possible, bring extra clothes to change before the interview session.



Focus on doing the right things, then on doing things right. Remember that working on inappropriate tasks do not contribute towards successful time management. Make a daily “To Do” list which includes activities to achieve weekly goals, priorities and time estimates. Prioritise as follows: top priority (must be done NOW), secondary concern (must be done but can be POSTPONED or DELEGATED), least important (can be DEFERRED or FORGOTTEN). Always work on the top priority tasks first, then your secondary tasks. If you have some time left, you can attend to your least priority tasks.


Shanice Ong

First impression counts, so proper make-up is important. The type of foundation you use is important. You need to know your skin type and use the correct foundation. People with dry skin should use liquid-type foundation because you would not want your skin to be flaky by the the time you go for the interview. Do apply moisturizer before that. For medium or combination skin, you can be more flexible as you can use liquid foundation or compact powder. But it is important to apply some moisturizer before that. As for the oily skin type, please be very careful in choosing the foundation. My advice is to use a matt finish powder rather than liquid foundation. Matt finish powder has oil control formula so that you will look radiant. The interviewer will not want to see a candidate with oily face. You will get a few marks on grooming. Last advice is always look at yourself in the mirror before going into the interview room, not only to check on grooming but also to build up your own confidence. Always have oil blotters ready to blot off the excessive oil.


Low Ching Soon

When you go for an interview, wear clothes that are appropriate to the occasion. It is not the price of your clothes or how well they match the latest fashion but rather the distinct appearance of taking time to put them together is what gains you respect from the interviewer.


Awang Abdul Hamid Bin Awang Ibrahim

Always wear something cheerful and light-coloured, like cream or light blue, light yellow or the most simple, white. Never wear black or dark colours because other people will think you are not in a good mood.


Fazlina Masbah

Wear soft coloured attire. Do not go for striking colours. Be very careful with the colour you choose because it can effect the mood and environment. The combination of colours you choose should depend on the job you want. For example soft colours will make you and the interviewer feel comfortable and you can be more relaxed. Do not wear red. It has the aura of domination and confrontation.